Our Caring Commitment

Intake Agreement

Women’s Community House Commitment to you

We hope that your stay at our Shelter will provide you with what you need. We look forward to helping you with your goals in some of the following ways:
  • Meeting with you for counselling or supportive listening
  • Helping you with housing information and forms
  • Helping you with referrals to the services you are looking for in your community.
  • Some resources that are available at WCH: Canadian Mental Health Association, Addiction Support, MerryMount Children’s Services – child advocate, nursing personnel, as well as service providers from Legal, Ontario Works and housing
  • Working with you to develop solutions to issues that may arise from living in a communal setting
  • Helping with information about safety, parenting and problem solving
  • Providing Groups for you and your children, including house meetings where communal living expectations are presented
  • Protecting your confidentiality: Your information is shredded after 30 days, except for some critical information. WCH shares your information only with your signed release. Onsite service providers, computer personnel, students and volunteers of WCH may also have limited access to your information. We can answer any questions you may have about confidentiality
  • WCH must work with investigations of child protection, police and immigration officials. WCH staff will call for emergency medical service if you or your child becomes seriously ill or injured. WCH has a commitment to the environmental health and safety of the shelter for all residents.

Your commitment to Women’s Community House

As a Shelter resident, I understand that Women’s Community House staff must consider all house residents, including children. I agree to the following being an important part of residing in Shelter:
  • The emotional and physical safety of me, other residents (including children) and staff is promoted through a violence free environment
  • Providing supervision for my children
  • Maintaining the confidentially of all shelter residents, staff & volunteers
  • Understanding that we all benefit from a clean and safe living environment
  • Being responsible for safe storage of my belongings, including medications
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