Public Education

Public education on woman abuse and women’s issues in schools, community service agencies, service clubs, churches, and information fairs is an ongoing and fundamental part of our commitment to ending woman abuse.

Family Court Support Program

The Family Court Support Program offers direct support to female and male victims of domestic violence going through the Family Court System by offering:
  • Information about family law procedures and processes
  • Assistance in recording the history of abuse for court documentation
  • Safety planning related to court attendances
  • Debriefing of lawyers appointments, court outcomes, Family Law Information Centre meetings, and consultations with duty counsel
  • Accompaniment to family court proceedings
  • Assistance through the legal process
  • Information and support in accessing Legal Aid and other community supports and services
  • Please note: This program does not offer legal advice or replace advice from a lawyer
For more information, please call Rita at 519-642-3003 ext. 3225 or by email

Mothers and Children Living Peaceful Lives

The Mothers and Children Living Peaceful Lives program (formerly The Community Group Program for Children Exposed to Woman Abuse) provides an opportunity for children to begin to understand the abuse that happened in their family. Groups are offered for children aged 5-16, are free of charge, and are held in safe, accessible locations. Transportation and healthy snacks are included. Moms also have the opportunity to explore and reflect on how to support their children’s healing. For information please call 519-642-3003 ext. 3307 or by e-mail.


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