The duty of the board is to make decisions that are in the best interest of the corporation. The leaders and employees of the corporation are accountable to operate in a manner congruent with the board’s direction, policies and applicable legislation.

Women’s Community House (hereafter called the corporation) has adopted a mission, vision and values statement.

Decisions that are in the best interest of the corporation will be decisions that further the corporation's mission, move it towards its vision, are consistent with its values, but also discharges its accountabilities. To guide the board in making decisions in the best interest of the corporation, the board has confirmed the following accountabilities of the corporation:

Who we are accountable to

Our Clients

For quality services and best practices.

Our Donors

For positive financial stewardship.

Staff and Volunteers

For establishing and communicating expectations; providing a safe work environment. Reputation as a workplace of choice in the field.

The Community We Serve

For efficient utilization of resources, clear communication, transparent processes, advocacy, and expectation of management.

The Government

For compliance with policies and regulations.

Members of the Corporation

Complying with the by-laws and applicable legislation as they govern the corporation and for the achievement of its mission and vision in a manner consistent with its values and accountabilities.