A Real and Stark Reminder

Recently, we received a note of thanks for all the work that Anova staff (front line counsellors and behind the scenes people) do to help others. It was a very honest, touching and appreciative note. This gives a minute glimpse of why the shelters are still needed and how one encounter with a resident can leave a lasting impact. Read on... "I've had to make a couple of medication deliveries lately to one of the shelter sites* and the first time around they brought out our mutual client to sign for the delivery. After seeing her partially bashed in face, I walked out with a tear in my eye. A sad but very real and stark reminder of why we sponsor the Grand House Party (GHP) every year. Some in this world may describe this client as a person who has just made too many bad choices in her life. The truth is and the bottom line is that nobody, nobody, nobody, deserves that. So thanks to Anova (WCH) for the much needed help you provide to so many and for the valuable initiatives you continue to make to ultimately do yourselves out of a job. It was a pleasure to give a small word of gratitude to three very friendly, smiling workers at the shelter site* today." - Paul Rutherford, Pharmacist/Owner, Huron Heights Pharmasave** * location made generic for confidentiality reasons ** note used with permission