A New Day…two become one

Anova logo   We did it! The Latin word for new is Novus. Sexual Assault Centre London and Women’s Community House have a new name and identity. We have joined together to create a new beginning for our community to better serve survivors of sexual violence and woman abuse. We now have four sites to serve the community: 101 Wellington Road, 450 Clarke Road, 255 Horton Street,1416 Ernest Avenue – and for people seeking help, every door is the right door. Grounded in our feminist roots, we value equality, respect, integrity, connection and accountability.  Our vision: an all-inclusive world of shared power where everyone lives freely without fear of violence. ANOVA_SI_RGB SHELTER -  peaceful space for women and children to live in safety without fear of violence. ADVOCACY - socially, politically and legally, ensuring the voices of survivors of sexual violence and woman abuse are heard; and, advocacy for the equality of all genders. SUPPORT - a variety of free and confidential support services available at all four sites to serve our community. EDUCATION - promoting community engagement, encouraging shifts to healthy relationships, emphasizing the importance of consent. We will continue to provide emergency and short-term shelter around the clock, our 24-hour helpline, counselling free of charge and Second Stage Housing. Our combined strengths will provide improved services to our community:
  • better navigation of the social services system, and increased accessibility and less confusion about where to go for help
  • greater awareness about the impact of woman abuse and sexual violence through increased public education
  • broader continuum of services and more service options offered to people who experience woman abuse or sexual violence
  • serving more people who experience woman abuse or sexual violence
  • better services for children impacted by woman abuse or sexual violence.
We will create communities of safe spaces filled with compassion, healing, renewal, hope and resilience while advocating for social and political change.  Everyone’s voice plays a vital role in creating a future without violence. I invite you to join the circle!