Looking Back…with thanks!

The Festive Season at Women's Community House is always a busy time as the generosity of the London and surrounding community shines forth. Financial donations are made right up until December 31st with most of the donations-in-kind being received prior to December 25th. The 2016 Festive Season has come and gone; however, we continue to be amazed and extremely grateful for all who donated during this time. Each year, a Festive Season Wish List is created that identifies specific items needed for the current resident group and donations are received from this list with many additional items donated, as well. There is not room enough here to thank each group, club, business, faith group and employee group who made the 2016 Festive Season so bright and merry for our women and our child residents - the list is simply too long. We would, however, like to highlight a handful of donors who donated gifts from our Festive Season Wish List plus..., gift cards, treats and other items for our residents: thank you The Dad Club of London Costco South Employees Ministry of Labour

Montessori Junior High

Will Connections Employment Skills Centre Employees HR Downloads Cables Garage Pier One (Masonville) W.O.W. (Women of Whisperwood) Hybrid Fitness Centre Mountsfield Public School. Thank you to each and every one of you who donated during the 2016 Festive Season! You continue to warm our hearts with your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. This is also an opportunity for us to remind you that the needs at Women's Community House are year round. A monthly Needed Items List is produced and posted on the Women's Community House website for your reference and consideration.