Festive Season Begins Early for WCH

img_7825Thanks to London, Ontario's Regina Mundi College (RMC) Alumni of 2002 and 2003, Women's Community House's Second Stage Housing (SSH) site now has a beautiful, brand new couch. A shoutout to the London Access team who delivered the couch free of charge. Charles B., a graduate of RMC and a 2002 Alumni, instrumental in SSH receiving this couch, says: 'I have been working through Kim L. at RMC since I was a student there, graduating in 2002. We have supported families in the program [SSH] as far back as then, as far as I know. I've always just had a passion for supporting the RMC "Be An Angel" program, so when I found out they [SSH] needed some support with the couch, I reached out to some alumni friends to pull together the cash to help out. It was a good bright and early morning on Black Friday but a small price to pay to help make an appreciated contribution to the program.' WOW! This is super generous and amazing. Our tenants at SSH and their families are really going to enjoy this. We are so grateful! **************** advent-by-candlelight-2016 New St. James Presbyterian Church is a treasured friend of Women's Community House (WCH). A couple of staff members from WCH attended the lovely fellowship and dessert evening on November 28th, which culminated with an Advent by Candlelight service. The Church has graciously selected WCH to receive the offering from this evening for five years now. One of the WCH volunteers attends New St. James Presbyterian Church and is an amazing advocate for our agency. We are very grateful for her and for the thoughtful and kind donation from the Advent by Candlelight service.     **************** The Women of Whispergrass (WOW) have supported Women's Community House this Holiday Season both financially and with many gift items from the WCH Festive Season Wish List. WOW originated in 2015 by a group of women in an East London area neighborhood who wanted to find a way to help different organizations/charities during the most giving and needing time of the year. During the 2015 Christmas season with the support of one Sponsor – Marlo Homes, WOW joined forces with Angels In The Night, focusing their attention on gathering hats, mitts, gloves, socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste for the London Homeless shelters.  It was a huge success. In 2016, WOW has gained some momentum. Now with numerous wonderful sponsors and women from outside just the East London neighborhood, we have set our sights on supporting Childcan and Women’s Community House (WCH). We had the privilege of being in this year’s London Santa Claus parade, generously sponsored by Marlo Homes and Clear Concepts Design. The women and sponsors handed out over 1,000 candy canes with our Childcan Tags. We had a draw for a Basket of LCBO products, with 100% proceeds going to WCH, and WOW was out Christmas Caroling on December 2nd, collecting spare change. If you would like more information on WOW or what you can do to help, please contact us at (519) 690-1166. Thanks so much, WOW, for your wonderfully generous support.