What Mine101 Customers Are Saying…

Mine101 pic 3Second hand clothing shopping is part of my DNA. Unlike other second hand clothing store experiences, at MINE101, shopping is like going on a wondrous treasure hunt plus, the store design is upscale and trendy. Since the store opened, it’s rare that I don’t always come away with a fabulous find or two. The first week of March, I was shopping and scored an AWESOME leather vest, winter coat and a couple of baubles and bangles - everything in mint condition - for under $40 bucks! - Pamela *************** Mine101 Staff: What do you love about shopping at Mine101? Customer Donna: Everything! I like that even though I come in two times a week it feels like a new experience. There are always new items and I know they are clean. Everything is laid out in such a lovely way. It’s just a relaxing experience. Mine101 Staff: What is your greatest Mine101 “find”? Customer Donna: A leather jacket lined with animal print fur for $40. *************** Whenever I am in the area, I feel the urge to stop in at Mine101 to have a quick browse. Where else do you receive a warm friendly greeting, lots of quiet time to have a look around, and then a large classy room to try as much on as you would like. Then, if you choose to buy something, you can get savings in the future by using a frequent shopper card. I always leave feeling like my time was well spent and I am more relaxed than when I came sweet is that. Everything is always in such good shape and has been so nicely arranged. I appreciate it all. Thank you, Mine101, and all your lovely staff and volunteers. – Carolyn


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Mine101 Staff: What do you love about shopping at Mine101? Customer Jackie: The staff is very friendly, the store always looks great and I like that the clothes are laundered. Mine101 Staff: What is your greatest Mine101 “find”? Customer Jackie: I have 2 daughters who are always looking for Bench and Lululemon and I usually find it here. I also scored a Coach messenger bag for myself! *************** Shopping at Mine101 has always been a positive experience. The sales people are helpful and friendly, the clothes are clean and stylish and affordable. - Susan