Homes 4 Women London

Homes for Women“A community response to end homelessness for girls, women and their families”

Violence and health are the primary cause of women’s homelessness and housing instability

* Women face multiple systematic barriers to housing after leaving violent partners

* Up to 31% of women return to abusive partners due to lack of housing

 These are the realities for women whose lives have been turned upside down due to current and past violence in their lives. With this close to our hearts, Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex - My Sisters’ Place, Health Zone - Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic and Women’s Community House applied for, and received, a “Game Changer” grant through the London Community Foundation. With this grant, London will finally have a responsive and coordinated women’s “housing first” program, showing a commitment to the welfare and unique needs of women. Using Gender Specific and Violence/Trauma-Informed principles, we will work towards housing and supporting fifty women and their families over a two-year period. These are exciting times where, with a community commitment to engaging in collaborative ways, we are able to work together to provide the best possible options for those who have been marginalized and sometimes forgotten. “I see the day when homelessness does not exist, everyone will have acquired safe housing and women will finally be free and safe.” (MSP Participant )