Great Neighbours

“Fun”draising for WCH Wright Hair & Co., owned by Dodie Wright, is dedicated to supporting the Old South Community and loves to contribute to the welfare of their neighbours. Over the years, Women’s Community House has been the beneficiary of their amazing “neighbourly help” in many ways. On August 22, 2015, a sunny Saturday afternoon, the Wright’s Hair team was again inspired to make a difference for WCH. In collaboration with the London Firefighters, an afternoon of “fun”draising ensued. Firefighters encouraged passing drivers to pull in for a car wash while neighbours and friends dropped in to enjoy a BBQ, baked goods and chances to win from an assortment of donated items. Soap, water, dirty automobiles, lots of sunshine and helpful firefighters were the perfect combination for an entertaining – and successful - afternoon filled with water fights, laughter and new friendships all to benefit Women’s Community House. Thank you, Wright Hair & Co. We greatly appreciate you as neighbours! Wright Hair Wright 4 Wright 3 Wright 2